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Nlorea has consistently delivered robust security and functionality.!

What is Nlorea?

NLorea offers a comprehensive solution for both security and monetization.

Whether you are managing an educational platform or a membership-based service, Nlorea simplifies complex processes, boosts security, and provides a seamless user experience, making it an essential addition to your WordPress toolkit

Why Choose Nlorea?

Nlorea PIN registration
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Robust Security Measures

Nlorea fortifies your WordPress site with advanced security features, including IP checks and membership access controls. These measures protect against unauthorized access, ensuring your site remains secure and your data protected.


Streamlined User Registration and Monetization

Nlorea simplifies the registration process while enabling monetization through PIN-based systems. Users can quickly register and gain access to premium content, providing a seamless experience that also generates revenue for your site.

Simplified Payment Process

Nlorea integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and multiple payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process. Users can easily purchase PINs and memberships, making transactions hassle-free and secure.


Use Cases

Monetize Registration

Feature: PIN-based Monetization:
A membership site uses Nlorea’s PIN-based system to monetize user registrations. Users must purchase a PIN to register, which grants them access to exclusive content and features, providing a revenue stream for the site while managing access levels efficiently.

Securing Premium Content Access

Feature: Membership Access Settings: An online learning platform uses Nlorea to restrict access to premium courses. Only paid members can access these courses, ensuring content is protected and accessible only to those who have purchased the membership.

Automated PIN Distribution

Feature: Auto Generate PIN After Payment
An event management company uses Nlorea to automatically generate and email event access PINs to attendees after payment. This ensures seamless access to event information without manual intervention, improving efficiency and user experience.

Enhancing Login Security

Feature: Enable IP Check
In addition to numerous security measures within the plugin, Nlorea send verification emails when users attempt to log in from an unregistered IP address. This helps prevent unauthorized access and protects user accounts.

Track And Reward Referrals

Feature: Boosting Affiliate Sales.
Nlorea with AffiliatesWP tracks and reward referrals. Users earn a commission for each successful registration and purchase made through their referral link, encouraging more referrals and boosting sales.


Feature: L/Registration Appearance
Customizes login and registration pages using Nlorea to match the site’s branding. By adjusting the background colors, adding a logo, and customizing input fields, Nlorea ensures a cohesive and professional appearance, enhancing user experience.

Ready to Monetize Registration? Try Nlorea today and experience the difference!

Installation Instruction


Support Multisite?

No. Nlorea doesnt support Multisite for now.

Language Support

English only.

Conflict with other plugin

Nlorea does not conflict with other plugins. We do not know of any. Ensure you clear your cache after installing Nlorea and also disable cache for Login, Registration, Profile, and Revalidation page

Does Nlorea support referral withdrawal

No. You can make use of AffiliateWP withdrawal feature

Why should I use Nlorea when there are numerous plugins?

There are indeed many free and paid login and registration WordPress plugins, and you can choose to use any of them. Nlorea was built to make monetizing registration easy. From purchasing PINs to registration, the process is simpler and more streamlined. With Nlorea, you get a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance both security and user experience. This plugin not only offers robust security measures like IP checks and membership access controls but also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and AffiliatesWP, providing you with a powerful tool to monetize your site effectively.

Moreover, Nlorea’s customizable login and registration pages allow you to maintain a consistent brand appearance, enhancing your site’s professionalism. The advanced PIN management system enables easy and automated distribution of access PIN, ensuring that users can quickly and securely gain access to premium content. Whether you are managing an educational platform or a membership-based service, Nlorea simplifies complex processes, boosts security, and provides a seamless user experience, making it an essential addition to your WordPress site.

Vivian Ture -CEO

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