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Stop Letting Bad Backlinks Ruin Your SEO!

What is BBI?

BBI help identify harmful bad backlinks.

Backlinks from domains that are unreachable or caught in an infinite redirect loop are often indicators of poor quality or spammy websites. These types of backlinks can seriously harm your website’s search engine rankings and credibility.


Why Choose BBI?

Bad backlink Identifier

Effortless Detection

Our service scans your submitted backlinks quickly and accurately, identifying harmful links that can lead to penalties or drops in search rankings.

Save Time and Resources

No more spending hours manually checking each backlink. BBI can process 100 backlinks in just 5 seconds or maybe less.

Enhanced SEO and Credibility

Regularly using our service ensures your website stays healthy, boosting your rankings and protecting your reputation.

How It Works

Enter your domain name and submit.

The button will take you to Google console, locate Export at the top right of the screen, choose Download Excel or CSV

Enter Website URLs

In the provided field, input the URLs you wish to check. Enter each domain name on a separate line or copy and paste. There is a limit of 100 URLs per submission, allowing for a comprehensive check without overwhelming the system.

Enter Your PIN

Each check requires a PIN. PINs are part of our flexible pricing structure, where you purchase the amount you need for your tasks. Enter the PIN you’ve been assigned after your purchase. Buy PIN here.

Check Status

Once you have entered the URLs and your PIN, simply click on the “Check Status” button. Our system will then process the URLs and identify any bad domains.

Ready to Boost Your SEO? Try our Bad Backlink Identifier service today and experience the difference!


How To Get PIN

After completing your payment, you will receive an email containing your PIN and domain count. Buy here.

PIN Details and Usage

 PIN function as your currency for processing domain names. For example, if you purchase a PIN with 3,000 domain count for $15, you will be able to process 3,000 domain names. This flexible system ensures that you only pay for what you need, adapting to the size of your website and the scale of your backlink profile.

PIN Transferability

If you have excess domain count in your PIN or wish to share your resources, our PIN is transferable. You can give your PIN to a colleague or client who may also benefit from checking for bad backlinks.

PIN Longevity

Don’t worry about the pressure of time-sensitive services. PIN do not expire. Use them anytime until they are exhausted, providing you with the flexibility to manage your backlink profile at your own pace.

No Account Needed

You don’t need to have an account with us to use our service. However, if you want to earn a 30% commission fee for referral, you must sign up.

Enter your domain name and submit.

The button will take you to Google console, locate Export at the top right of the screen, choose Download Excel or CSV

Affordable and Effective

With our pay as you go, you can safeguard your website’s health and improve your SEO performance. Regular use of our BBI service adapts to evolving search engine algorithms, ensuring continuous protection and optimization.

Affiliate Program
  1. Referral Program: As a registered member, you’ll earn a 30% commission on the amount of any PIN purchased through your referral link. Your referral link can be found in your user profile. This commission will continue for each PIN purchase made by your referrals until your membership expires.
  2. Withdrawal: Once your unpaid referral earnings reach $100, go to PayPal and generate an invoice. Submit the invoice link using the withdrawal form on your user profile. We will not honor invoices sent to us directly from PayPal. We send payment within 72hrs.
  3. Affiliate Registration: To qualify for affiliate registration, purchase a PIN and ensure you sign up as a registered user before the PIN is exhausted. Only PINs with a domain count of 3,000 or more are eligible for registration on this website. PINs that are exhausted before registration are considered invalid for this purpose. Registered PINs will expire after 3 months

After identifying, what’s next?

In most cases, reaching the owners of harmful domains linking to your site is highly unlikely, with success rates around 10%. To bypass the tedious process of attempting contact, consider using the ‘Disavow Links‘ tool. This tool, accessible through Google Search Console, allows you to upload a text file listing all the links you want Google to disregard. You can specify individual URLs or request that Google ignore all links from an entire domain.

Once you submit this file, Google will start to disregard these links during their assessment of your site. This means these backlinks will no longer impact your website’s performance.

Imagine having 10,000 backlinks pointing to your website, but only 1,000 are beneficial, while the rest are harmful. This can severely damage SEO.

Unfortunately, many website owners overlook these bad domains until they receive a manual action or notice their rankings plummeting. Even fewer consider whether their backlink profile might be the problem.

At Nogofar, we tackle this issue with our BBI solution, now publicly available. Before BBI, we painstakingly checked each link individually, which was incredibly time-consuming. Now, BBI simplifies and speeds up the process for everyone.

Vivian Ture – CEO

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