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Nlorea was born out of necessity when a colleague from a webmaster WhatsApp group shared a distressing story of how his website was hacked and never recovered. This inspired the creation of a custom WordPress login and registration plugin designed for our websites and partner sites. Since its inception, Nlorea has consistently delivered robust security and functionality.

Nlorea is now publicly available!

NLorea (Nogofar Login and Registration Advanced) is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance your site’s security and user registration process. With features like customizable login and registration pages, PIN-based monetization, membership access settings, and seamless integration with WooCommerce and AffiliatesWP, NLorea offers a comprehensive solution for both security and monetization. It also includes advanced options for IP checks, PIN validation, and affiliate management, making it an essential tool for any WordPress site owner.

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Getting Started with Nlorea


  • WooCommerce and AffiliateWP plugins (only if you plan to monetize user registrations). Otherwise, you can skip these.

Installation Steps:

  1. Install and activate Nlorea Plugin.
  2. If you have server access, check for error logs related to Nlorea. While we don’t expect any errors, if you find any, please report them to us. We’re committed to ensuring Nlorea is compatible with all plugins and WordPress themes. As a token of our appreciation, we’ll reward you with $5 for any valid error log reported.


Setup Without PIN (Non-Monetized)

For standard login and registration without PIN (monetization), follow these steps:

  1. Create the following pages and use these shortcodes:
    • Login: [nlorea_login?]
    • Registration: [nlorea_registration?]
    • Profile: [nlorea_user_profile?]
    • Reset Password: [nlorea_reset_password?]
  2. Configure URLs in Nlorea Settings Tab.
  3. Obtain Google reCAPTCHA Secret Key and Live Key from the Google reCAPTCHA site.

Remove ? from a live page.

Note: The URL you choose for login will become the default login, replacing wp-login and wp-admin.

Nlorea Appearance Tab

Nlorea is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of your login and registration pages:

  • Hide Header and Footer
  • Choose Logo
  • Background Color
  • Login/Register Container Background Color
  • Input Background Color

Nlorea Email Tab

Configure your welcome email with the following shortcodes for dynamic content:

  • [username]
  • [user_email]
  • [user_firstname]
  • [user_lastname]
  • [site_name]
  • [pin] (replaced with actual data if provided)
  • [expiration_info] (replaced with actual data if provided)


Advanced Menu

Login Settings Tab:

  • Login/Registration Attempt Max: Set the maximum number of login or registration attempts before blocking the user.
  • Enable IP Check: If enabled, users will receive an email verification if they try to log in from an unregistered IP address.
  • Whitelisted IPs: Manually input IP addresses associated with admin or let the plugin automatically update admin IPs.
  • Block XML-RPC: Enabled by default to block any XML-RPC attempts on your website. If you have Jetpack installed, you can uncheck this option. However, XML-RPC will still remain disabled for login attempts.


Setup with PIN (Monetization)

To enable PIN-based monetization, follow these steps while maintaining the initial setup:

  1. Activate Nlorea and navigate to the Advanced Menu. Under the Login Settings Tab, enable the PIN option.
  2. Go back to the Nlorea in Admin Dashboard and click on Create Pages Menu. Ensure WooCommerce is installed. Click on the Generate Pages button to create all necessary pages, including the PIN purchase page and WooCommerce Registration PIN Product. Verify the creation by checking your WooCommerce Products for the Registration PIN and other pages.
  3. Proceed to the Nlorea Settings Menu. Under the Settings tab, add or adjust each URL field.
  4. Visit Google reCAPTCHA to obtain the reCAPTCHA Secret Key and Live Key.

Note: The URL you select for login will become the default login URL, replacing wp-login and wp-admin.

Nlorea Appearance Tab

The appearance setup remains the same as the non-PIN setup.

Nlorea Email Tab

While the initial email setup remains unchanged, enabling the PIN feature introduces an additional PIN Purchase Email Settings. Customize the default message for this email, which users will receive after purchasing a Registration PIN. Usable shortcodes include [pin], [customer_name], [user_level], [customer_name], [expiration_date], and [order_id].

Advanced Menu

Login Settings Tab

Under the Login Settings Tab, the previously mentioned settings remain the same. Additionally, you will now see the option to Enable Two-Part Registration (visible only when the PIN feature is enabled).

  • Two-Part Registration: When enabled, users will first see the PIN Code form. If their PIN is valid, the other fields will become active for them to enter their personal details. It is recommended to enable this feature unless there are specific reasons not to.

PIN Management Tab

If you use the Create Pages button, the Purchase PIN, Revalidate PIN, and Access Denied pages will be created for you.

  • Purchase PIN Page: Directs users to make a purchase. This page should include the shortcode [nlorea_checkout?].
  • Revalidate PIN Page: Redirects users with expired PINs to this page to enter a new PIN. This page should include the shortcode [nlorea_sa?].
  • Access Denied Page: Redirects users to this page if their access level does not match the page they are attempting to visit. Customize the text on this page accordingly.
  • Expired PIN Message: Customize the message displayed when a user’s PIN has expired. Use shortcodes [was_valid?] and [user_name?]. This message appears on the Revalidate PIN form.
  • Manual PIN Upload: Allows you to create and sell PINs offline if enabled.
  • Auto Generate PIN: Automatically generates PINs based on the selected PIN Type and Length after the user completes payment at checkout. This feature does not conflict with manual PIN uploads.
  • PIN Type and PIN Length: Choose whether auto-generated PINs should be numeric or alphanumeric and set your preferred PIN length.
  • PIN Summary and Existing PINs: View the number of unused PINs.

Manual PIN Upload

Before proceeding, ensure you have set up your Membership Levels under the Membership Settings Tab. This ensures proper management and distribution of PINs according to your specified levels.


Manual PIN Uploads Nlorea


In validity value, enter 1, 2, 3, 20 etc, and select the period. For example: 3 Days.
The select field above the submit button will only be visible when you have set the membership level. If already set up, you can select a level to assign to the PIN you want to manually upload.

Let’s say you enter:
PIN field: 23456789s1c
Validity value: 2
Period: Weeks
Level: Premium

Once you submit, the PIN will be active for 2 weeks with a premium level. So if a user is assigned this PIN, they will be able to sign up and access any page with a premium level or additional access level assigned to those with a premium level. After 2 weeks, their PIN will expire, and will have to buy another PIN and revalidate to continue accessing those pages but will remain a registered user.


Membership Settings Tab

Membership Access Settings:

This is where you assign Membership Levels, acting as the central processing unit of Nlorea. If this is your first setup, click the Save button to initiate the Add Purchase Type option. Once the page reloads, you can proceed by clicking the Add Purchase Type button.

Purchase Types act as sections. While most websites may only need one purchase type, you can add more if your site caters to multiple user sets.

For example, Purchase Types can be:

  • New PIN
  • Renew PIN
  • New Student
  • Old Student
  • Art Students
  • Sport Fee etc

These Purchase Types will appear on your checkout page. After adding a Purchase Type and name, you can start adding level rows to the Purchase Type. Your setup here will define your Checkout page, Affiliate Referral Percentage, and Manual PIN Upload. Proper setup is crucial to avoid difficulties.

Once satisfied with your Membership Access Settings, click Save. Now you can access the Access Level Management.


Access Level Management:

In this section, specify which user levels can access certain levels. For instance, users at the Advanced level could be granted access to additional levels. If this feature is turned off, users will only have access to the specific level they purchased. To select multiple levels, hold down the control key and select the desired levels.

If you enable Sectional Access Management, users will be restricted to levels within the Purchase Type. Learn more


Payment Settings Tab

WooCommerce: Receiving payments through PayPal doesn’t work in all countries, which is why we integrate payments via WooCommerce due to its extensive support for various payment gateways.

WooCommerce Setup:

  1. Go to your WooCommerce settings, scroll down to Currency options, and select your currency. Ensure it matches the currency code in the Membership Settings Tab.
  2. Go to the Payment tab in WooCommerce settings. Select your preferred payment gateway
  3. In the payment gateway settings, locate and enable “Autocomplete Order After Payment” or related option to ensure that when a payment is successful, a PIN is generated and sent to the user.
  4. Go to Account and Privacy. Uncheck all options except “Allow customers to place orders without an account” in Guest checkout.


AffiliatesWP Integration Tab

Integration Activation:

  • Tick the ‘Enable AffiliateWP Integration’ checkbox to activate this feature.
  • Input the default affiliate ID for fallback referrals. This is crucial for tracking registrations without explicit affiliate referrals.

Referral Percentage Settings: Once the Membership Access Level configuration is complete, this section becomes accessible.


Define commission rates applicable to various Purchase Types. These commissions can be tailored to fit your website’s incentive structure. For example, if an Advanced Level user refers someone who purchases a Starter Level PIN, the referrer will earn a commission based on the transaction value of the Starter Level.


AffiliatesWP Plugin Setup:

  1. Go to the settings menu and locate the Misc tab.
  2. Enable “Auto Register New Users” and ensure other options are unchecked.
  3. Anyone registering on your website will automatically become an affiliate, able to view their affiliate ID and earnings on their User Profile.


Unblock IPs Menu

Here, you can view and unblock IP addresses that were blocked due to multiple failed login or registration attempts.


Other Settings

Teaser Shortcode:

You can allow non-logged-in users to access restricted content by placing the teaser shortcode on the restricted page:

[Nlorea_teaser?] show to non-logged [/Nlorea_teaser?]

This is useful for introducing premium content to potential users. Logged-in users will also be able to see the content.

Note: Remove the ? on a live page.

Page Restriction:

Toggle levels to place restrictions on any post or page. By default, Nlorea Level Restriction is set to “No Restriction,” meaning anyone, logged in or not, can access the page. Once you restrict a page to a specific level, only users with that Access Level can access it unless the teaser shortcode is present.



Login and Registration Response Messages:

Users will receive different response messages based on their interactions with the login and registration page:

  • If an IP change is detected
  • If an IP is updated
  • If a password change is requested (non-logged request)
  • If a password is successfully updated (non-logged request)
  • Login/Registration attempt count
  • PIN validity period
  • Login/Registration Success


PIN Validation and Expiry Check:

If a registered user’s PIN expires and they try to access restricted pages, they will be redirected to the Revalidation page, where they will see a PIN form. If they submit a valid PIN, they will be allowed to access the restricted pages.


PIN Purchase Page:

Here users can choose their purchase type and select the access level, followed by entering their personal data. Once they click the Checkout button, they will be taken to “Order Details.” From there, they can proceed to payment. If the payment is successful, they will receive an email containing their PIN and see the PIN on the payment confirmation page.


User Profile:

Users can modify their names and change their password. The profile page includes:

  • Username (read-only)
  • First Name (editable)
  • Last Name (editable)
  • Access Level
  • PIN Status
  • Validity Period
  • Affiliate URL ID
  • Referral Earnings

If AffiliatesWP is enabled, users will also see their Affiliate ID and referral earnings on their profile. There is no option to pay referrals on Nlorea. You can however use AffiliateWP’s “Payouts Service” setting to pay referral.


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